This Module allow the analyze the Business and tell whether they are making profit or losses, manage the Revenue Agency tax returns and provide export facilities to various Accounting Packages. 

Product Information

  • Night Audit Reporting and Retrievals – View the total amount generated and collected from all revenue points in the business. 
  • Postings Journal Reports and retrievals- Allows you to view the revenue collected from different revenue point e.g. Food, Beverage, Laundry. 
  • Deposit Provision for Clients – allows a client. Direct Sales Postings from other Revenue Points. 
  • Room Status Reporting – Vacant, Occupied, Out of Order Debtors and Creditors Reports. 
  • Audit Trails – Check which user has performed which tasks on the system.
  • Occupancy statistics reports – Check how business is doing in terms of room revenue generated against the budget set. 
  • Revenue reports by Wings, Floors, rooms Occupancy statistics reports – Check how business is doing intterms of room revenue generated against the budget set. HotelPLUS
  • Periodic Sales Reports – Allows one to tell how much revenue has been made over a certain period
  • Periodic Payments Reports – Allows one to see how much money has been generated
  • Monthly Income Summaries – Gives a combine report of Sales against payment to help analyze debts owed and also business growth.
  • Tax Reporting – Reports on Taxes payable to dierent revenue authorities.  Source of Business Reports.
  • End day – Manually end the day so as to ensure correct revenue collection.
  • Exportation to Accounting Packages – Pastel, Quick Books, Tally, Sun Systems, Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Access Right Controls – System controlled by Rights given to a user. Customizable to meet User need