The Reservation System is use d for making both single and group bookings bookings for the Hotel.

Product Information

  • Single Bookings – Allows the user to make a reservation for a single individual. 
  • Group Bookings – Allows the user to make reservation for a group coming to the hotel.
  • Booking Adjustments – cancel booking, Reactivate bookings, adjust booking details, etc. 
  • Booking Deposits provision – Allows the user to enter the deposits received as a confirmation of a booking.
  • Booking Charts – Allows the user to forecast how many guest they will have in house and how many removes will be vacant within a given period.
  • Booking Reports – Cancelled, No Shows, Arrived bookings.
  • Link to Front Office Check in.
  • Booking Profoma Invoicing of Clients.
  • Audit Trails – Check which user has performed which tasks on the system.
  • Access Right Controls – System controlled by Rights given to a user.
  • Customizable to meet user need.