HOTELPLUS RESTAURANT POS - efficient bar and restaurant billing; sends orders and guest bill, stocks, posts to front office room or account, shift reports.

Easy, simple and effective way to manage Bar and Restaurant billing, waiter orders on touch terminal, food goes to kitchen drinks to bar, guest bill, shift reports, stock taking and stock control, sales per waiter per shift per item, and more...

Product Information

-waiter orders, drinks goes to bar and food goes to kitchen.

-print guest bills from any set points and depending on rights.
-post guest bills to front office room account, post to member account for members club and recreation centres.
-easy and efficient touch screen based order system, fast and convenient.
-excellent stock control; request stocks from stores, once issued must receive to update stocks in system, tracks stock sales and stock position.
-end of shift reports; cashier summary, stock movement report, sales per waiter per shift per item.
-sales analysis; highest to lowest moving, waiter totals, totals by shifts, totals by periods (breakfast, lunch, dinner, party/nightclub) and more reports.
-secure administrative control; users added by admin, users given specific access rights to functions, audit trail of events.
-sales reports automatically sent by email to management at end of shift/day.
-other key features; supports multicurrency, support multi sale points / multi cashiering, support recipes and portioning for food/beve costs daily, table reservation, supports multi pricing, happy hour and discounting, supports and integrates to frontoffice pms also to club management system for members and also exports sales to quickbooks/navision/pastel and other accounting systems.
-PRICING MODEL; sold per license, one license can be installed in as many workstations/PCs but only one license can use at a time, so at purchase we give free advise on best possible set up.