-periodic departmental sales added paymodes and totals.

-bug fixed at add/edit paymodes.

-bug at fixed guest ledger report.

-bug fixed at monthly accommodation auto billing for apartments and rentals.
-bug fixed at reservations loading.
-integration with Microsoft Navision improved.

-perfected multi currency billing in restaurant.

-improved process of running updates, so much easier to run updates after an upgrade.
-improved member/account statements.
-greatly improved version and updates control.
-several tiny bugs fixed.

- multi currency improvements.

- at restaurant; you can always get shift report per cashier, but we fixed some bug, now much better and easier to use.
- some improvements; restaurant guest bill, restaurant waiter sales report, stores signatures on LPO, GRN and MINs.

-more intuitive end day process, with better UX (user experience).
- fixed some bug at when workstation not registered.
- better and simpler way to run updates.
- several tiny bug fixes.

- mpesa payment feature added on v9; now integrates to kenya's safaricom APIs and pays direct via mpesa.

- improved license expiry checking, less intrusive, much cleaner and clearer message.
- at end day, after closing stations some bug fixed.
- at configure connection, some bug fixed.

-spasoft some access right bug fixed, you can now block cashier from viewing cashier summary.

-spasoft under renewals and signups reports, you can now filter and view report by activities.
-end day better closing of the running workstations.
-end day pushing dates forward is now improved.
-a few other bug fixes.

-improved credit limit feature; now works based on set amount rather than just yes/no.
-Credit limit now checks credit available; at check out and at post extras.

- improved account edit GUI; neater, faster, bug free.

  1. -end restaurant shift bug fixed.
  2. -transfer guest bill at front office some rare bug fixed.
  3. -new feature float in restaurant cashier added.
  1. -fixed some bug at end day.
  2. -end day alerts and messages improved.
  3. -guest bill design greatly improved.
  1. -automated server configuration process.
  2. -more intuitive server install process.
  3. -improved clean database feature.